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“I was born at a farm in the remote countryside of Sweden, with very small circles [of friends] when I grew up. I have learnt so much about myself, God, and people in the world through my life with others in various [OM] teams. I love reading, but when I look back, I can more and more see how God is shaping me and revealing Himself for me through real and often challenging life experiences. So many times, I have been outside my comfort zone and, not having any other way than trusting God for His mercy and guidance through it all. In this way, I have experienced God shaping me.” - Martin, OM Sweden

Sweden Lawrence Tong mingling (02-Feb-2016)

Lawrence Tong speaks with Bertil Engqvist and Shino Gabo who pioneers Somali ministry in the UK. They are together at a conference in Sweden.

OM Sweden's field leader, Martin Strom, teaches teens a simple 'napkin diagram' for sharing the gospel with their friends.

Sweden Teenstreet Sweden reunion (02-Feb-2016)

Dancing as part of the ice-breaker

Sweden Teenstreet Sweden reunion (02-Feb-2016)

Net group times at TS Sweden reunion