OM Sverige - A talk with a young swede

A talk with a young swede

OM Sweden's outreach IGNITE SWEDEN has taken place during the past week. One of the participants, Mike from USA, went to Malmö. Here he shares one encounter that he had:

On Sunday I talked to Frederick an open minded young man who was Swedish. He asked questions and listened well to me, being interested in what I had to say.He was also respectful and it would appear that he was interested also in Christianity before we started to talk together. We talked about the Holy Bible and about CS Lewis, because he was familiar with some of that Christian writer's books. I mentioned Mere Christianity, a book by Lewis that I had found very good at explaining Christianity and the why's of it after I became a Christian.

During the conversation which was for at least 30 minutes, while talking about the gospel, I felt some of the love of God in me for Frederick. My hear was almost melting. He told me that he didn't trust in the Holy Bible , but when I told him about the book Mere Christianit he said he would read it. He said also near the end, I think, that he would go home and pray to Jesus Christ for salvation.