OM Sverige - Sportified


The second STM Easter team started today in Jönköping.

We are working together with Salvation Army on this Easter outreach and the start went much better  than the OM team could dream of!

At the begining the boys were apprehensive of us. They have been through so much already that to welcome new people is very difficult for them. However, each member on the OM team has managed to make at least 1 friend on the first day.

The day started with the OM team cooking lunch together with the boys and then spent the entire day with them. We played team building games, watch a film togther, had dinner togther and then played some volleyball. This is basically how every day will go for this week. Everyday different games will be played in the afternoon and a different sport in the evening but the main aim is to befriend these boys and share God's love with them.

Thank you for your prayers.