OM Sverige - Romania update 2

Romania update 2


While it was quite warm in Buchrest, it changed fast, after we arrived in Brasov. A beautiful place in the mountains...

Saturdayevening we got some good food and then we went to bed early, tired after the whole day of travelling. Sundaymorning we prepared for the two church services in the afternoon. The group is amazing in singing, so we prepared some songs in swedish, and one of the guys prepared a testimony to share... the pastor really liked it, it is hard to say, what the people thought about it, they left just after the service. we got to experience the romanian culture, they don't have the cars on base at the moment, so we are travelling by maxi taxi...and just to let you know, it was snowing here to, and the buildings are not half as good isolated as in Sweden!!

Today we started devotion with Psalm 121 while we were standing in the sunny garden, looking at the mountains freshly covered with snow!! To get to know the culture better, we had to eat sunflower seeds and dance the romanian penguin dance the afternoon followed with lots of preparation one for the youth group tonight, where they shared about swedish culture and prepared some games. They get really to experience OM when the should sing more and more songs and spontaneously share something with the young people there.

they do really well, the food and hospitality of OM Romania is amazing. The group is motivated and exited.

Please pray for us, as we go to a village in the mounatins on Wednesday and do a programm in a Kindergarden on Thursday.

Greetings from Romania