OM Sverige - OM Sverige

Singing Youth

A team of 5 of us just returned home from spending time with the Emakyrkan (Bodafors) Youth Group at their summer camp.

We shared much about God's plan for mankind, starting in Genises all the way through to Revelations. Everyone was open to hear God's word and also open to spending time with the team. We shared from our own experiences and also some of God-given gifts with the group.

This group of young people can not go away from thsi weekend saying that they did not know because they heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ loud and clear! Please pray with us that the seeds for World Missions that was planted this weekend would grow!

After many goodbyes and hugs  we all went away with the same sond ringing in our heads...

"Glorify the Lord, Praise His holy name! Let the truimpet sound, let the bells ring! We are redeemed by the Lamb"