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Sweden Practical work progress (14-Jun-2008)

Landskrona, Sweden :: Getting dusty and dirty during Logos Hope's dry dock period.

Sweden High standards for health (10-Jun-2008)

Landskrona, Sweden :: Work is carried out on the ship's Health Services Centre.

Sweden hopd05460 (05-Jun-2008)

Landskrona, Sweden :: Carpenter Laura Niemi (Finland) is getting sweaty and dirty working on the stairs in the central casing during this dry-dock period.

Sweden hopd05525 (09-Jun-2008)

Landskrona, Sweden :: Öresundsvarvet Landskrona shipyard workers welding in the guides for the logo to be painted on the funnel.

Sweden hopd05523 (09-Jun-2008)

Landskrona, Sweden :: The foundation for the Bergen generator is being painted.