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“I was born at a farm in the remote countryside of Sweden, with very small circles [of friends] when I grew up. I have learnt so much about myself, God, and people in the world through my life with others in various [OM] teams. I love reading, but when I look back, I can more and more see how God is shaping me and revealing Himself for me through real and often challenging life experiences. So many times, I have been outside my comfort zone and, not having any other way than trusting God for His mercy and guidance through it all. In this way, I have experienced God shaping me.” - Martin, OM Sweden

“Being so far away from home and so new to everything, I learned to give out all my strength and all my heart in all that I did. I used to be quite lazy in school, because it was easy. But missions is not about getting grades that are just good enough. All the work has to come from the heart, the character, and all these inner areas that I didn’t bother dealing with. I often felt so naked in front of God and others when I’d just joined OM. It was my first time being in an environment where I realized people care about my attitude and my relationship with God much more than how smart or talented I was.” - Joy from Taiwan, OM Sweden

Sweden Teenstreet Sweden reunion (02-Feb-2016)

Dancing as part of the ice-breaker

Sweden Teenstreet Sweden reunion dancing (02-Feb-2016)

Dancing as part of the ice-breaker during this TS reunion in Sweden

Clarion Samuels and Ger van Even joined Sweden's TS reunion to bring the message. Bertil Engqvist joins to translate