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Sweden Message through drama and art (30-Aug-2012)

Bradley (South Africa), Mark (UK), Ja-Kyung (South Korea) and Lorens (Italy) from the IGNITE Sweden summer outreach team share a message through drama and art in Stockholm.

Sweden Tracts distribution (30-Aug-2012)

The IGNITE Sweden summer outreach team distributes gospel tracts in more than 100 different languages to locals at Rinkeby Square in Stockholm.

Sweden DSC_0234 (29-Aug-2012)

Kids from Stockholm attended a children's program outdoor, run by Husby Church and the IGNITE Sweden team, and learned about the gospel through hand motions.

Sweden Art is a universal language (05-Sep-2011)

A language barrier posed a problem for OM Europe’s Transit Challenge team. As an artist, team member Krista knew she had to get creative.

Sweden Tattoo on arm (31-Aug-2011)

Krista, member of OM Europe's 3rd Transit Challenge Team, drew the four points boldly on her arm like a tattoo, in the hope that people would notice and initiate a conversation with her. They tell the story of God's love for mankind.