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Sweden Game (03-Apr-2012)

Karen Daniels (South Africa) introduces a game to a group of refugees in Salvation Army.

Sweden Jump off the barrier (03-Apr-2012)

OM Sweden's team members enjoyed a game with refugees during a week's event "Sportified", held by OM and Salvation Army in the Easter holidays.

Sweden The world on the move (26-Mar-2012)

OM Sweden's trailer follows the mobilizing team to different cities in Sweden, sharing God's heart for the world.

Sweden Where are you on the road? (26-Mar-2012)

OM Sweden's mobilizing team travels around Sweden with a van and sometimes a trailer, on which asks "Where are you on the road?"

Sweden Unloading (26-Mar-2012)

Ja-Kyung Moon (South Korea) and Samuel Renling (Sweden) unloaded the van, getting ready to run a program in a youth meeting.