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Sweden Lawrence Tong mingling (02-Feb-2016)

Lawrence Tong speaks with Bertil Engqvist and Shino Gabo who pioneers Somali ministry in the UK. They are together at a conference in Sweden.

OM Sweden's office is located in an immigrant neighborhood suburb of Jönköping called Råslätt. Råslätt has a highly dense population of 5,000 people in a relatively small area. The outreach team here works with youth in the area, teaching English, or working with children.

Sweden Sweden's OM Restore (30-Nov-2015)

Re:store is an OM store that sells items from around the world that are made ethically and fair trade. It is also a place for people to come together over 'fika' or crafting.

Martin Ström, OM Sweden's field leader, prays during the MOVE conference which aims to get young Swedish people involved in missions

Sweden OMer Daniel shares about OMs work (25-Nov-2015)

Daniel Awad speaks with a Swedish young man about OM at the "MOVE" conference in Sweden.