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Sweden Van full loaded (07-Mar-2012)

David Svensson and Samuel Renling (Sweden) loading presentation kits in the van, in front of a local church in Örebro.

Sweden Book Stand (07-Mar-2012)

OM Sweden's mobilizing team shares more about mission opportunities with a local church member after a meeting.

Sweden Team and van (07-Mar-2012)

OM Sweden's mobilizing team, David Svensson (Sweden), Joy Lin (Taiwan), Samuel Renling (Sweden) and Karen Daniels (South Africa) travel around Sweden with a van, sharing in different churches and schools, together with Henrik (Sweden).

Sweden Glad to know more (07-Mar-2012)

After sessions of teaching about missions by Henrik (Sweden), Bible school students show interest for more information and opportunities to join.

Sweden A talk to mobilize (07-Mar-2012)

OM Sweden's mobilizing team leader David Svensson (Sweden) connects with a bible school student after sessions of teaching on missions.