OM Sverige - Easter in Ireland part 2

Easter in Ireland part 2

, i Irland '13

Happy Easter!
Here is the Easter Outreach Irish team reporting again!
This morning we woke up finding Easter eggs, labeled with our names, filled with Swedish candies and lying right beside our mattresses… Thanks to Lisa and Simon for reminding us the sweetness of our rising Lord Jesus! It felt quite bitter just some hours ago!

We didn’t get to watch the film Passion of Christ together with the local church last night. But we got to practice a Passion of Christ drama that we are hoping to present for the rest of the week. By God’s grace and his gifting, we can share this astonishing Good Friday story just as well as Mel Gibson did, can’t we? Especially when I just discovered that the girls are amazing actresses. ;) Besides the drama, OM Ireland spent the whole day yesterday orientating the team with Guinness-free policies, puzzling Irish phrases, “Do you know the ten commandment?” evangelism methods and an authentic Irish meal!

“So, what’s the story?” Today we spent five hours on OM Ireland’s NEW Big Red Bus. We offered free tea and coffee to people and welcomed them on board to do crafting, watch a live puppet show or simply chat with us. Personally I enjoyed face-painting little kids (plus one adult) and preached Jesus literally straight into their faces after they mentioned eggs or bunnies on the topic of Easter holidays.

Colm from OM Ireland said that we are a very special group because we are the first lucky ones to work with TWO Big Red Buses. Hopefully and prayerfully this region will be just as lucky or blessed to receive us to its several public spaces as we carry and share the good news of the One who died and rose again!


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