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OM 60 år

Skriven av Magdalena Carlén, i Sverige


2017 fyller OM 60 år – det vill vi fira!

Följ med på en resa genom OM:s historia av Guds trofasthet, utmaningar och framgångar. Vi presenterar 60 artiklar om hur det började och fortsatte, via viktiga milstolpar och vad som format oss att bli den organisation vi är idag. Följ med!

George Verwer and the birth of OM

Who would imagine that a popular, foul-mouthed teen—preoccupied mostly with chasing girls—would in a few short years lay the groundwork for an international ministry? George Verwer’s story began when a New Jersey (USA) woman, Dorothea Clapp, placed him in the crosshairs of her ‘Holy Ghost Hit List.’

In Wyckoff, New Jersey, in 1953 George was 14 years old, high-spirited, and showing promise as a natural-born leader at Ramsey High School when Mrs. Clapp’s son first gave him a copy of John’s Gospel. Two years later, her prayer for his salvation was answered at a Billy Graham crusade in Madison Square Garden where George received Jesus. The persistent Mrs. Clapp then began praying that George would become a missionary. Little did she realise how soon this seed of faith would take root.

George used his position as Student Council president to share his testimony in an assembly and had copies of John’s Gospel distributed in the hallways. About 200 students came to faith that year as a result, and a passion and gift for winning souls had emerged.

In college, he learnt that over 70 per cent of Mexico’s people owned not a single portion of Scripture. Appalled by this—considering Mexico’s proximity to the chief missionary-sending nation—and burning with the conviction that “everyone must hear the gospel at least once,” he hatched a plan for his summer holiday.

In June 1957, he and classmates Dale Rhoton and Walter Borchard drove from......

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