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Join one of OM Sweden's two ministry teams. We work closely together with local churches in areas populated by many immigrants and cultures.

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Outreach Team Member - Jönköping

Amina has lived for many years in Sweden, but still struggles with language and has few (if any) Swedish friends.  Shu Hwan has recently moved in with her Swedish boyfriend and is hoping for a new future.  Pierre is a student at the international business school in Jönköping.  Imran, born in Sweden of immigrant parents, doesn’t really know what culture he belongs to.  These are just a few of the people living in Råslätt.  All of them have one thing in common, they are confused, questioning and lost; in need of a Savior.  Be a part of their community.  Live beside them.  Pray for them.  Love them.  Share your life with them.

OM’s outreach team in Råslätt works together with a local church seeking to actively engage the community for Christ and to serve the community in love.   If you join this team, you will live in Råslätt where making contact with people from many different countries is as easy as making friends with your neighbors.  You will have opportunities to reach out to youth from immigrant backgrounds through Underground (a youth club run on the weekends) Sunday Sports and various other activities run by the local church.  Or join some of our team members in finding creative ways to help the women living in Råslätt, many of whom struggle with language and culture. 

Who: People18 years or older, Singles/Couples/Families

Time: 6 months or more

Place: Råslätt, Jönköping

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Outreach Team Member - Stockholm

Rinkeby is a suburb of Stockhom, Sweden’s capital.  This colorful housing estate is often called ”Världens by” (Village of the World) by Swedes.   90% of Rinkeby’s residents are of non-Swedish decent and come from over 100 different countries.  Many are Muslims.

Rinkeby International Församling is an international church with a vision to make disciples of all nations, and the nations are nearby in Rinkeby.  This fellowship’s heart and vision is summed up in Mark 11:17  ”My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”.     RIF has regular outreaches to the community through an international book table and distribution of the Jesus movie. They also run a kindergarten as a way of serving the community and want to start language classes in Rinkeby, as this is also a need for many. “Our dream and prayer for Rinkeby is from Hab 2:14: ‘For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’.”

OM has a long history of cooperation with RIF and between in the 90s there was a team in Rinkeby living and working with the church.  We feel that it is now time to begin again and are looking for 2 to 3 people to help restart this ministry.  You will serve together with a team leader who has many years of ministry experience in North Africa and a heart for evangelism, training and discipleship. The ministry focus will be on outreach, building relations with locals, and youth and children ministry. You will get relevant training to able to serve in a multicultural area and to share your faith with Muslims. Come with a servant heart, a pioneering spirit and a knowledge of English or Swedish.  Swedish language studies will be provided according to need and desire.

Who: People 18 years or older, Singles/Couples/Families

Time: 6 months or more

Place: Rinkeby, Stockholm

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